Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has admitted that he is currently jobless.

Sonko said this in an interview with Andrew Kibe, who wanted to know whether he was  working in the government currently, because of the heavy machines that he rolls in.

The politician noted that he is now engaged with clearing his name after he was impeached from office in December 2020.

“At the moment am jobless am still jobless. I am working on my impeachment. All the allegations were framed, that Sonko was corrupt, I was even banned from going to US. I have been acquitted of all the framed up cases. Witnesses were called to court by the couldn’t explain how I stole, how I participated in those fake cases. I have been vindicated by the courts and I am working on how I will be cleared, remember I was impeached,” he said.

According to him, former President Uhuru Kenyatta admitted to initiating his impeachment. Sonko noted that senators also agreed that his impeachment was illegal.

“If this senators today are saying Sonko is clean. That time, our former boss and some very powerful cartels in the deep state came all the way to the senate. Even senators were intimidated. Those who were scared had to vote (in favour of his impeachment) even my friends had to back stab me like senator Balala, Wetang’ula. I can’t blame them. As we are speaking now, the mover of my impeachment has sworn an affidavit before the Supreme Court, there are guys who havce sworn affidavits saying they were forced to lie. Even the CCTV  of the county assembly clearly shows that the guys who voted against me are not MCAs but county staffa, that is already an illegality,” he said.

He added that he is currently not free to vie any where until he wins the impeachment case.

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