In a bid to help Kenyans who are have been hit hard by the ongoing rains, Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has resolved to make a water vessel which he called an ark.

He shared a video of the progress of the ark, saying that it would help to reach those who are in remote areas.

Eric’s move to build the Ark came after a warning from the meteorological department that implied the flood situation in the country could get worse.

“The Government of Kenya should RUSH to MANGELI ATHI RIVER BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!.DISASTER IS ABOUT TO STRIKE!!! There are Families stuck on the Roof tops and time is Ticking…We have Saved 34 people Today from 8:30am to 11am and there are still Hundreds Stuck with Children and Disaster could Strike ANYTIME!!! Last night we saved a Woman and 3 of her Children in Ruiru’s OJ region. OUR PRIORITIES ARE UPSIDE DOWN!!!!. THIS GOVERNMENT ONLY CARES FOR ITSELF. NOW they are DISCUSSING PRESIDENTIAL TIME LIMITS AND APPOINTMENTS OF CAs while PEOPLE ARE DYING. SISI KWA SISI WILL STAND IN THE GAP!!!!” Eric Omondi said.

His intentions have gotten Kenyans speculating whether they are genuine.

“I’d give you my vote anytime, if that would translate to SISI KWA SISI beyond election, God bless you in your vision for a better Kenya. You’re presenting your former University well Daystar University, Nairobi Campus , TRANSFORMATION & SERVANT LEADERSHIP being one of its core values. Live long to see your dream,” a Facebook user said.

Another wrote, “The only problem here is knowing whether this is just a PR stunt for media attention or a message to the government because clearly this can’t work.”

Others however compared him to the Biblical Noah.

“Utuambie kama wewe ni Noah tujipange,” read another comment.

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