Popular content creators Majunkie and Retty Roxxy, known for posting couple content on their Youtube channel, have welcomed their first child together.

The couple excitedly shared the good news to their fans on their Instagram page with a couple of photos of them in the hospital holding their child in their arms.

Majunkie wrote a lovely caption underneath the photos as he happily announced the birth of his child,” Finally our angel is here. We are a happy to announce that we are a happy family of three all thanks to Komarock Modern.”


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Majunkie’s friend and old boss, Thee Pluto, also paid the couple a visit, offering encouragement as they embarked on their wonderful path of being a parent.

Majunkie originally gained notoriety while he was employed by Thee Pluto, whose You Tube channel included videos that tested a couple’s commitment to one another.

Majunkie was a member of the crew that provided security, and Pluto would go through their phones to demonstrate the couples’ commitment to one another.

The couple in an interview with Commentator a year ago revealed how they met each other and began dating.

Majunkie revealed that he met Retty while visiting Pluto’s younger brother, Goddy Hunch after a long day at work with Pluto.

” Tulipatana hapa chini…hapa chini kwa gate” he began. ” Hio time nlikua nmetoka kwa Pluto, nmetoka carwash hatuna form Pluto akasema twende tugotee Goddy.”

He also revealed that it was his friend that introduced them to each other before he swiftly asked for Retty’s number to shoot his shot.

” Tukiwa na Goddy huko chini,  walikua wanfanya TikTok, beshte yangu ndio aliniintroduce kwake na mi nkaitisha namba nkacheza kimimi,” he said.

Retty added during the interview that it was Majunkie who said I love you first days after talking to each other and he did that via a video call.

The couple have been congratulated on their safe delivery by fellow content creators, family and friends.

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