Nandy and Bill Nass met while on campus and parted ways in 2017 before the Tanzanian songstress moved on and started dating the late Ruge Mutahaba.

After Ruge’s death, Nandy reunited with Bill Nas again,.

Ever since the couple got back together they have shown their undying love for each other mostly trying to keep their relationship away from the limelight .

The couple  got married in July 2022 and are blessed with a daughter named Naya Bill.

The couple was forced to unveil their pregnancy after months of keeping it under wraps. In an interview with Bona TV Nandy said that she had gotten tired of hiding her pregnancy hence why she made it public.

The Njiwa hitmaker also revealed how cautious she was to avoid getting a miscarriage like before. Nandy lost her first pregnancy after taking some medicine.

“I will not dwell on that but yes, I was pregnant for him but I suffered a miscarriage. He brought me some medicine which I took, and they led to my miscarriage,” she claimed.

The ‘Ninogeshe’ hitmaker alleged that Bill Nass might have intentionally bought the medicines for that effect, but it’s the past and she has forgiven him.

Nandy and Bill are the most  less controversial couple in Tanzanian as the two seem to invest more in their music rather than cheap clout and stunts.

Reports  have it that the Tanzanian beauty might be pregnant expecting their second child.

Nandy shared a video to promote her latest release and clearly showed off her growing baby bumb.

“Mmmmh jamani hebu nisaidieni nyie hapo nafanana na nani??? Sema haka ka wimbo jamani! Challenge yake ni kujishauaaa na verse unalolipenda tu!!!!” she captioned the video, not mention anything about pregnancy.

“Baby number 2,” one of her followers said as another wrote, “Mali safi ya Bill Nass iko na mimba hongera.”

Others opted to hear the news from her mouth, asking her clarify.

Bill Nas also shared a  video of Nandy holding her belly.


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