Renowned rapper and producer George Mugai, aka Madtraxx formerly of the Kansoul Group, has found himself on the wrong side, after his wife exposed him for assaulting her.

Salma took to her Instagram account with photos of her badly swollen face and body injuries along along with a police report filed in 2021. According to the report she shared, she has scratches on her left leg, and bruises on her upper limb, and knees, all of which indicate that the abuse has been going on for a long time.

The mother of two also disclosed that she had endured ten years of silent agony at the hands of the violent musician.

” Never have I thought I’ll be beaten in my life…but I married an animal!! Y’all superstar Madtraxx!! My whole life I’ve been battling anxiety, fear, and trauma!! Just because of this guy!! 10 years with a woman abuser!!” her post read.

Even though he is one of the most well-known musicians, Madtraxx maintains a very tight lid on his personal life, and his relationship is rarely the subject of tabloid or television news stories.



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In 2018, Madtraxx tied the knot with his stunning wife in a grandiose ceremony that was seen by close friends and relatives.

Six months have passed since the couple commemorated their fifth wedding anniversary, only for the assault accusations to surface.

“Happy Anniversary to US MY Love!” was the heartfelt homage Madtraxx had shared, a sharp contrast to the state of affairs at the moment. ”Five years is a blessing. I like having you with me on this journey as my Queen. I cherish you.”

Salma’s open admission of the unpleasant reality she says she experienced behind closed doors tore apart the public façade of a blissful marriage.

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