Sherlyne ANYANGO

Social media platforms have provided individuals with extra ordinary opportunities to showcase their talents among them is Oga Obinna’s ex-girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango.

With her captivating presence and charismatic personality, Anyango carved a place for herself in the online entertainment industry during the Covid 19 pandemic. She was among the women who competed on Xtian Dela’s online show club Covid by twerking. They winner would be awarded cash as the audience get entertained.

Her journey towards fame began like that of many others. She utilised the power of social media and created content that resonated with a wide audience.

However, in a surprising turn of events, she recently made a statement that has left her fans and followers surprised. Anyango said that she regrets what she did to be famous.

“I got opportunities yes, but I regret everything I put out there,  because it’s very hard to clear up your image later on,” she said and proceeded to advice young women.

“You can still put yourself out there but in a decent manner and people will still watch you,” she added.

Anyango discovered that the pursuit of fame had its downsides. As her popularity soared, she found herself navigating the unsafe waters of scrutiny and judgment from an ever-watchful audience. Every aspect of her life is now under constant scrutiny, leaving her with little room for privacy and personal growth.


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