Flamboyant musician KRG has addressed the advancements that are being made by the DCI in an attempt to recover his stollen phone.

In his post on Instagram, KRG says that the person who stole from him seems to have dismantle the phone into parts.

“Story ya simu jamaa nikama alidismantal simu into parts but tuko kazi yake bado,” KRG shared.

He also reveals that he hasn’t let go his phone. The process of trying to recover it are undergoing and that soon the perpetrator while be captured.

The rapper is positive that his phone is going to be located as there were signals they traced earlier.

The Musician said they are following the trails with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) who are doing their work effectively.

“We are just waiting to see any new signal. We traced the last one to a Network Tower in Mwiki. DCI wako kazi yake mbaya,” KRG revealed.

The Don also said they have a CCTV footage of thief which is a plus for them in the search as they will as well use it for their search.

He warned that this will be an example to others who have the habit of snatching other people’s phones. Lately, same incidents have been happening in his neighbourhood, but he said that it won’t happen again.

“Atakua funzo kwa mtaa yao soon coz we have CCTV footage as well. So he is a marked person. Wamesumbua neighborhood  yetu sana lately bur it will end with me,” he warned.

KRG mentioned that there will be an increased number of dead people in mortuaries as this rogue people won’t be spared. This is if they continue with this nasty behaviour of terrorising people.

“City Morgue itakua na na new clients daily if they continue to terrorize us. We can’t stop leaving kwa sababu yao. Our kids won’t live in fear coz of you thugs. We shall spend money on improving our society personnel and equip them well.”

The musician accuses the have-nots for this action saying that it won’t change their status, instead, it might lead to their death.

“Ghetto youth stealing from someone by force won’t solve your problems instead it will take you to your grave earlier. Trust me,” the rapper concluded.

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