In a turn of events, renowned  music artist and a wealthy entrepreneur KRG the Don reported the theft of his iPhone 14 Pro.

KRG the Don, whose real name is Karuga Kimani, is celebrated both for his musical talents and his status as one of the wealthiest figures in the country.

The artist used social media to share the unfortunate news, expressing his frustration and determination to recover his stolen device.

In a post, KRG the Don wrote,”Kuna mjinga wa nduthi ameamua Leo Ntalala Mteja,” indicating that a motorcycle rider had stolen his phone.

KRG being known for his bold personality, he did not hold back in his warnings to the thief. He boldly declared,

“I love chasing criminals,” and added, “Ntakutoa Hadi Kwa shimo ya sewage,” showing  the extreme ends he was willing to go in order to ensure the thief is found and thought a lesson he will never forget.

KRG the Don gave a threatening advice to the thief telling him to hide because he will get the theif and it won’t be good for him.

“My advice to you is to run and hide because I will find you, and it’s gonna be very bad,” he also  added the following,

“Mimi ni Bughaa,” implying he is a  force not to play with.

The incident has caused many reactions on social media, with fans and followers rallying behind KRG the Don and expressing their support.

The artist’s determination to retrieve his phone and bring the thief to justice has only cemented his reputation as a fearless and resolute individual.

The public remains keenly interested in the unfolding drama and eagerly awaits updates on this high-profile theft.

While he hopes to recover his stolen iPhone, KRG is also anticipating for his boxing match  with Andrew Kibe, aimed at settling their long time differences.

This was after the two exchanged vocal jabs for a while threatening each other on social media platforms. As the beef intensified they decided to finish their  dispute physically.


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