Radio host Kamene Goro opens up to The Murayas on how her husband took care of her when she had a knee injury.

She endured multiple surgeries due to the knee injury, which resulted in the placement of a metal rod that left her immobilised for two months.

In the reality TV programme, Love is Wild, Kamene discussed how her spouse helped her get through difficult times.

She revealed to Size 8 that five years prior, she had her meniscus torn, necessitating her first surgery. Four weeks later, it tore again, requiring her to have another procedure.

The third and fourth surgeries happened last year and this year respectively.

She recounts the painful ordeal saying she has never experienced such pain in her life.

“Five years ago ndo sasa nikapata kitu inaitwa a meniscus tear…So I did the first surgery, and then four weeks later, I did the second surgery coz it tore again. Then nikakaa kiasi for a couple of years and then last year it tore again…I’ve never felt pain like that in my life. So, in January, I had the surgery…the recovery was so hard.

She recalls how she had to teach herself how to walk again as she had not done that in two months.

“I started teaching myself how to walk on my birthday. I did not walk for like two months,” she narrated.

She also said that her husband bathed her as she could not do it herself.

Kamene shared that her husband DJ Bonez took care of her with so much passion and never complained.

”He was there every single day without fail….’babe leo tunakula hii, dawa ndo hizi, how are you feeling? Are you okay? Can I do this for you?’ Yeye ndo alikuwa hapo every single day and he never complained. I’m talking about seven days a week for two months,” she said.

She also stated how she relied on him even for the most basic tasks.

”You can’t go to the supermarket. Even going to the toilet unapiga hesabu, ata kwenda kwa water dispenser and its not like our house is that big.”

She even mentioned how, when she used to cry, her spouse would reassure her that everything would be alright.

Kamene told Size 8 that at the time, her family and a small group of people were her biggest supporters.

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