King Kaka

King Kaka brushed off allegations of breaking up with his wife Nana Owiti, saying that he was yet to hear the rumors.

King Kaka said that, while speaking to the press, during the premier of his movie Monkey Business on Friday.

“Wambea wanasema? Hio sijaona sana, siijui sana,” the rapper said with his interviewers reminding him that he addressed the matter on a video he shared on his Instagram account.

“I said a lot of things, I don’t even remember. I said people should stop…even my kids were here. They have a life, regardless of what happens, we have to respect the children. My daughter will begin wondering what is going on because she will hear the rumours at school,” he said.

At the same time, the interviewers questioned him what he could tell Nana, as she showed up at the even to support him.

“Alikuwa hapa mbona hamujamuuliza?” King Kaka tried to dodge the question but he was told, “”Alisema today is your day akasema wewe ndio uongee.”

King Kaka went on to praise her saying that she has a good heart.

“She is a very lovely woman, ako na roho nzuri. Ni mrembo. Unaona vbile amedunga…Mwaaaah,” King Kaka said blowing kisses at his beautiful wife who had already left to take their children home.

” Ndio hivyo yaani, Nana is an amazing woman,” he added.

Asked on why her ignored Nana during Mothers’ Day on May 12, the rapper said, “Wewe sasa ndio umeanza udaku. We unaleta udaku. Tuache. Today is not family business, today is monkey business. Wewe ndio unataka kupush it. Wakenya bana wacheni. Mnataka kuharibu kitu nzuri.”

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