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On his Instagram, King Kaka rubbished the rumours about his wife Nana Owiti  and children being in the United States.

He clarified that his wife and kids are still in the country, and his kids are in school contrary to what has been spreading around.

”Nana is in the country and the kids are in school,” he said.

He stated that he would not  have addressed the false narratives, but that the situation had gotten out of hand and he needed to handle it.

“Guys I don’t clout chasing; I’ve never done it, and neither does Nana. This is especially true for family,” he said.

He stated that certain content providers are out there generate false tales out of excitement of trending, and now the entire country has ran with the stories.

” I know people get excited over content creation, and we want to say things na tudanganye, now the whole country has picked up the fake story, aty kwamba kuna death certificate na watoto wameibiwa wako America,” he said

He cautioned content creators to be mindful of the content they release to the public.

”Let’s be mindful, let’s know that there are a lot of people involved sa zile mnacreate hizi fake stories. In the spirit of content creation let’s be mindful, let’s be respectful.”

He went on to explain that several individuals close to him were concerned and called to confirm the rumours they had heard about him.

Despite this, he stated that content creation is a major business, which isn’t terrible, but they shouldn’t ruin his name.


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Rumours of a breakup between him and his wife, Nana, circulated widely on social media.

Netizens had various reactions, with some assuming that he was pursuing clout because he had a forthcoming project, a film dubbed ‘Monkey Business’.

With his clarification, a section of netizens are however not convinced that all is well between him and Nana. Here are thir reactions;

Elly Shua?: Hebu fanyeni video kama hii na nana

Kawira: The question is are you still together? Hatukatai nana is still in the country

Others hailed him for how he maturely handled the situation.

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