Famous gospel singer Anastacia Kakii, who is best known for the number-one song “Kiatu Kivue,” is pleading with Kenyans to help her as she travels to India for emergency medical care.

In an exclusive interview, Kakii discussed her recent breast cancer diagnosis as well as the financial requirements for the procedure.

She added that the doctors have not yet confirmed the stage its in but she is positive that she will overcome.

“A month ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I have been advised to seek urgent medical treatment. The cost is Sh3 million. The doctors have not yet confirmed the stage, but we will overcome this,” she said.

The gifted gospel singer is requesting her followers and friends to make any amount of donation using the paybill number in a widely shared viral poster on the internet.

“Paybill: 4224960 Account number: Annastacia. Please let us join hands to make this possible”.

Anastacia had discussed her struggle with asthma in a prior interview with Trudy Kitui.

Her childhood asthma was a constant source of difficulty for her music ministry.

”Nimepita kwenye mapito mengi na baada ya hayo mapito Mungu alinitetea. Nimeugua Asthma tokea nikiwa mtoto. Nimemtumikia Mungu nikiwa na hiyo Asthma.” she said

Anastacia thought back on her difficulties and remembered how hard it was to perform when she was having asthma episodes.

Even though she was committed to using music to serve God, the illness presented many difficulties.

She acknowledged that she occasionally felt misinterpreted by people, particularly when she had to leave a performance to collect her breath.

”Nafikiri hata watu wengi walishindwa kunielewa. Nikitoka kwa madhabau mara nyingi sikuwa nataka mtu yeyote kunisogelea maana nilikuwa nahema kwa nguvu sana.” she added

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