Content creator and YouTuber Mungai Eve has revealed she prefers dating men who are older than her.

Mungai who was interviewed by Oga Obinna in his YouTube show, The Obinna Show, defended her self by arguing that the place she is right now in her life she prefers someone with the 3-5 years age gap.

“And also where I’m seated I wouldn’t want to date someone same age or somebody who is younger than me ,I wouldn’t want just from personal experiences,” Mungai stated.

When asked if she is referring to ‘wababa Mungai revealed that she is not into such old men claiming that ‘ wababa have so much baby mama drama thus she wouldn’t like to be hated or caught in between the mix.

“No, you have a lot of baggage, baby mama drama here and there. I don’t want to deal with that kind of drama!” Mungai Eve humorously disclosed and proceeded to clear the air on what’s going on between her and Mc Gogo .

The speculation about their relationship arose from photos they took together, sparking online discussion on whether they were together , especially after Mungai Eve’s breakup with Director Trevor.

Mungai refuted rumors that she might be dating  Mc Gogo citing that he is just her good friend and he respects his relationship with his girlfriend.

” He is my good friend,no but he is my good friend he is a great friend of mine and I respect his relationship and also hatujawahi angaliana na that perspective,okay Mimi sijawahi mwangalia in that perspective,” she said.

Director Trevor revealed to Iko Nini podcast reasons why they broke up and emphasised that their decision to separate wasn’t fuelled by any extraordinary circumstances but rather by the realisation that they had reached a point where continuing their relationship was no longer feasible.


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