Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Kalerwa Salasya has  reacted to a Kalenjin Lady who publicly wrote a poster in the context of getting into a  marital relationship with the Member of Parliament.

In the post, the young lady described how she has been crushing on the Member of Parliament for a long time.

” I have been admiring you for so so long, I always follow your ways and it is now my time to express to you that I am single and my heart loves you, Marry Me, HON Salasya,” the woman, identified as Judy Chebaibai  boldly stated.

In response, Salasya sought advice on whether he should meet Chebaibai or not, fearing that their union might be troublesome.

“Huyu anataka lonely at the top….si wewe tutakuwa tunavuta sana hii bangi yangu tukipatana hadi sisi wote tuaribike hehe nimeona hii ikitrend sana .Members nikutane na yeye ama nilenge advise please,”said the MP.

Some of his followers have urged him to give the woman a chance while others were of the contrary opinion.

“Chei! Karibu Nandi County mheshimiwa. Utanyoa nywele sasa, wazee are ready to negotiate” said one of his followers.

“Finally, Hon Peter Kalerwa Salasya kamtu ulkua unataka kamejileta,” another commented.

“Na ujue kuna wakati wa kila kitu milango kama hizi pia hufungwa wamejaribu wengi kubisha. Neema huondoka,” read a separate comment.

Salasya is a bachelor, and efforts there have been efforts for him to get a wife. Previously, he said that had he married early, he wouldn’t have achieved the many he things he has now.

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