A concerned netizen took to his TikTok account to advise Alicia Kanini, who has been trending lately due to her intimate videos.

The netizen advised Kanini to consider her parent’s feelings as they must be ashamed of what she does.

He said that no matter how much the people on social media are hyping her up, she should remember that the internet never forgets.

Although the economy is hard on everyone, he said she should not take the easy way out.

He said that her decisions would affect her, her family, and her entire generation in the future.

On his TikTok, he said,

” Alicia Kanini, sweetheart, kuja hapa nikuadvise. Wengine watafurahia kuona videos zako wacelebrate na wacomment mambo zote.

Lakini ni percentage kidogo itakupea the reality. Alicia Kanini vile unafanya itakukosea. Itakukosea na ikosee wazazi wako,ikosee jamii yako na ikosee wote wanaokujua.

Despite the economy being harsh on everyone, he cautioned Kanini against taking that route to earn money as it lowers her morality.

“Asanti bills utalipa, but at long run hio kitu itapea wazazi wako pressure. Itawaua. Itaua mama yako. Itaua baba yako. Itaua watu wenu.” He said

He said that since her parents gave birth to her and raised her, she owes them her morals.

He also wondered why this generation never takes into consideration how their parents would feel while making decisions.

“Imagine mama yako akienda ambiwe wewe unaact kwa adult film aonyeshwe video zako kenye unafanya. In Africa, we are yet to be there.”

He also said that despite the economy being hard on him he would never give up his morals just to make money.


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Alicia Kanini has been trending all over social media due to the explicit content she does to make a living.

She disclosed one time in a tiktok live that she earned over 300k in her most recent video that she released.

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