Social media content creator Keranta Chege disappointed after her Instagram account got disabled.

The creator who is known for posting lifestyle content on her Instagram page shared her disappointment stating that the past few days haven’t been easy for her, she worked on her Instagram page for almost 4 years .

She posted a picture of her self with the caption, “And so she said let’s begin again y’all my other Instagram account got disabled at 366 k followers .the past few days have not been easy because that’s something I worked on for almost 4 years now but I’m opening my heart to this new beginnings and just trusting the process I hope y’all support me and share widely.”

Following the post, various celebrities like Tileh Pacbro,Vejees Creative studio, Njoki Mburu have shown solidarity by sharing her post widely and with that she has gained almost 13k in a span of 3 hrs.


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Keranta encountered a near similar situation after her break up with  Dzaddy Amore. Although her YouTube account wasn’t disabled, Amore refused to give her details of the account after their split .

Keranta and Amore gained a sizeable social media following due to their inspiring relationship, which lasted over two years.

They even launched their own YouTube channel, The Amore Family, which garnered a large following for its content centred around pranks and surprises this enables them to gain a mass following on YouTube.

However, their relationship came to an abrupt halt after Amore accused Keranta of cheating—a claim she vehemently denied.

Keranta also disclosed that she was locked out of their joint YouTube channel and blocked from viewing his Instagram posts. She further revealed that Amore requested her to return of his belongings.

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