Online activist Hanifa now says President Ruto should not be given an X space for the dialogue scheduled on Thursday 4th July.

The activist warned through her social media account that whoever will host the President will have been paid.

“Anyone who will host Ruto and his people has been paid. Be warned,” Hanifa posted.

She claims the reason behind this decision to be that the president is going to be lie as usual and that there is nothing new to discuss.

Furthermore, most of the people backing her say the president already knows what the protestors and the Gen Zs demand.

Additionally, some threatened that ‘Anyone who’ll join that Ruto space shall be declared an enemy of the people.’

Gabriel Oguda, one of the popular persons on X asks people to resist the lies from the president by dropping his mic on the platform.

“Gen Zs should organize a parallel Space at the time Ruto is hosting his, to let the guy lie to himself and his children. Any forum Ruto is joining to speak to Gen Z must be on their own terms, otherwise the mic will be dropping immediately you call out the liar. Resist,” Oguda shared.

However, not all the comments under Hanifa’s post were reasoning with her. Some were opposing her thoughts saying the president should be given a chance to speak with people.

Here are some tweets from those who have a different angle of thoughts from that of Hanifa.

“Not necessarily, let Amerix host the space we give him our demands. That’s better than having few people as representative who will later betray us.

“Unless you had another agenda of being paid to go to statehouse. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong of him being hosted on any X Space,” Dickson Ochora differed.

“Who gives you the right to decide or prescribe what people chose to do or not to do. Let those that want to join or host the space do so and if you donโ€™t want you can also ignore.

“You cannot claim to be democrat or different from Ruto himself if you are not ready to listen to different opposing alternative views.

“It means you are just not different from Ruto and other politicians who you accuse of authoritarianism and high handedness,” Kiprotich Lang’at rebuked.

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