During a question and answer session with her Instagram fans content creator and entrepreneur Joana Kinuthia officially announced her split with Chris Kaiga.

Joanna explained that she had been getting questions about why she no longer post Chris on her timeline like before. The two were known for serving couple goals as fans envied their cute videos and pictures.

Responding to this Joanna pointed out that she is no longer with Chris Kaiga and it’s been a month since their separation.

“Anyway ,but I’ve gotten questions about this you don’t post Chris anymore are you guys still together the truth is no we are not together anymore I am a single girl it’s been like it’s been a while over a month I’m okay guys imagine I’m okay I don’t have anything else to say about that situation,” she said.

The cause of their split is still unknown.

The two confirmed that they were dating when a clip of Joanna kissing an unidentified man emerged. When  her fans asked about it, the Joanna K Cosmetics founder stated: “I’m just a girl in love. No story.”

Joanna and Chris confirmed that they were an item during the beauty mogul’s 27th birthday party. It was an intimate event at home with her family and close friends.

Various reactions have been displayed online following the news although many have been heart broken by the revelation others have made fun of the situation with funny comments like “ Chris about to drop bangers,”.

“Chris Kaiga has broken up with his girlfriend. I just know he’ll be back in the studio with bangers. Women can really pull you behind career wise,” another X user said.

Since the onset of their relationship Chris Kaiga hadn’t worked on any music his fans are anticipating that he will get back to music since they believed the relationship between Joanna and Him slowed him down in his music career.

This announcement marks the second high-profile celebrity break-up in recent times. Just a month ago, Kangwe Mungai and Sharon Mwangi also announced their separation, making headlines on June 7, 2024.


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