Kevin Kang’ethe, who is wanted in the United States for the murder of his girlfriend has escaped from police custody.

Kang’ethe escaped from Muthaiga police station on Wednesday February 7 evening, boarded a matatu and fled to an unknown location.

The suspect is on a Massachusetts warrant of arrest for allegedly killing his girlfriend Margaret Mbitu and leaving her body in a car at the Boston airport before flying to Kenya.

He was arrested in Westland area in Nairobi in a club joint on January 30 at night after being on the run for three months.

The murder suspect was detained at the police station pending the ruling on whether he should be extradited to the US to face the murder charges against killing his girlfriend Mbitu on October 31, 2023.

He escaped as he met his lawyer at the police station. Nairobi Regional Commander Adamson Bungei rushed to the station after learning the escape of the suspect and described it as “Just embarrassing”

“We have arrested the four officers who were on duty when the suspect escaped to give more details on how the scenario happened. It is just embarrassing to us,” Bungei added.

The lawyer is also detained at the station for further investigation.

Following the escape, a search warrant was issued, suspecting that Kevin had planned his getaway careful.

A court hearing had been scheduled for February 9 to rule on kange’the’s extradition application. He had renounced his American citizenship and the court had detained him at the Muthaiga police station.

According to the DCI, both the suspect and the deceased woman were residents of Massachusetts, Boston and were in a relationship. Preliminary investigations suggest that Kevin violently attacked and repeatedly stabbed the deceased, causing fatal injuries. After returning to the country, he went into hiding, maintaining communications with various telephone numbers.

The victims mother said she was planning to break up with the suspect. An arrest of warrant was issued on November 2, after Massachusetts state police found the body of Margaret in a car at Boston’s Logan Airport Central Parking garage the night before.


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