19-year  old Fredrick Shikuku alias Kenyan Kante, a budding digital creator and dancer, has confessed his love for YouTube content Creator Mungai Eve.

The social media sensation wants Mungai to be his Valentines and he publicly expressed the desires of his heart.

“Mungai Eve will you be my Valentine? I love you so much,” he said in a post he shared on his Instagram account.

The Nakuru based content creator’s message was accompanied by his video in a romantic setting in a bedroom.  The room was decorated with red balloons  and flowers on the bed along with Mungai’s photo and his.

In the background, Diamond’s latest release, Mapoz, played.

“This is special for you, I love you,” read a message on the bed.

In an interview, Kante said that he was into Mungai so much now that she and Trevor are said to be no longer together.

“Ju kama mzee wake alimuacha, nataka kumchukua, kila kitu yenye atataka niko nayo,” he said

Mungai came across the video, and from her reaction, it seems she didn’t have much to say.

“Aaaaah,” she simply commented along with laughing


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Kante is however a former street boy. Aside from dancing, he is also a musician. He previously said that he was forced to live in Nakuru streets after being chased from home by his mother.

That aside, neither Trevor nor Mungai have spoken a word about their rumoured separation.

All pointers indicate that they are no longer together and have since unfollowed each other. They are also said to be not living together after Trevor shared a photo of an empty house, with some fans suggesting that he was moving into the new house.

A spot check on Mungai’s YouTube channel indicates that she hasn’t shared any interviews in the recent days. Apart from being her boyfriend, Trevor served as her video director and videographer.

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