Singer and philanthropist Akothee has told Migori politicians who are after her life to face her head on instead of using goons to intimidate her.

This is after she was assaulted by goons at the Migori Finance office on Wednesday morning.

“My life is in danger in Migori county and I never anticipated this threat. If Migori politicians intend to end my life I urge them not to utilise goons for their nefarious purposes instead they should just shoot me I am an easy target,” she said.

Akothee added that she received a revelation in the morning, which she would share as investigations continue.

Following the stand off at the finance office, Akothee proceeded to the police station to record a statement.

“Presently, I find myself at the police station following an assault by goons at the Migori county finance office. These goons amassed outside the door, anticipating my exit. Fortunately I departed through the back door prompting them to pursue me to the gate. Alarmingly, county reinforcement arrived and instead of intervening, jovialised with the aggressors, threatening me with harm,” she narrated.

This has seen Akothee  unable to to admit form ones to school today. She has since been escorted out of the county by the police, who escorted her to record her statement.

“The situation is escalating and the tensions are palpable,” she said.


One of her fans reminded her of the incident where she exposed a person who warned her that Migori politicians wanted to finish her.

“I remember someone texted you privately vile Migori politicians were planning about you,,u ignored and decided to expose him. saa zingine mtu akikuambia kitu nyamazaa and do ur own investigation, anyway take care and may God protect you,” the social media user said.

Akothee however told her that the person was a scammer.

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