Kanze Dena

Former Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena is in celebration as her son turns 18 years old.

The mother of three took to social media with a lengthy message to mark the occasion,  saying that her son had made her proud.

“Bwana Nimerudi tena. 21/04/06 12:05 you blessed me. I prayed the Prayer of St. Francis Assisi. 18yrs later I come back to say thank it came to pass. My Champion! you have made me proud. We have been through Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer and you never changed. You winged it! when you didn’t have toys like your friends, couldn’t take you out to good places because we didn’t have, and you embraced your stepparents and siblings like the champ you are… Never giving us co – parenting trouble!…And when God blessed us you remained constant,” the former tv news anchor stated.



Following the milestone, Kanze Dena finally allowed her son to join social media .

“Today you officially have permission to be on social media… I want you to know that my greatest memory was the day we watched woman without limits. It was the first time I shared my battle with low self esteem and I did mention that I doubted if I was a good mother.(almost 7/8yrs ago) You held my hand, hugged me for like 10yrs “mum you are the best mother I could ever ask for.. you are kali but you are my friend and I know you love me. I love you mummie.” Those words came right back today as I stayed up to say another prayer for your next season,” she said.

“Keep on keeping on Son …DONT LOOSE YOUR FOCUS ON JESUS. HE IS YOUR GREATEST ANCHOR (you will soon discover as you navigate through life). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAMP!. NEWEST VOTER IN TOWN..MAMA LOVES YOU! PS: MAMA boys tukutane hapa nyuma ya tent,” she further concluded her message.


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