Controversial Prophet Kanyari recently joined TikTok and has been conducting live sessions, which has increased his fame and provided him with other benefits.

After joining Tiktok, Kanyari disputed claims that he joined the platform for money, stating that his main purpose was to promote the gospel  among youths who majorly use it. He has learned a lot from his fans and met a variety of TikTokers since joining the network.

In the past few days, Kanyari has captivated Kenyans following his interactions with a TikToker identified as Rish Kamunge, who openly declared her love and deep desire for him.

While it remains unknown whether they are have furthered their relationship in real life, Kanyari and Kamunge, have not shied from expressing their feelings and plans on social media, despite the positive and negatives criticism they have attracted.

In a recent viral video, Kamunge asked Kanyari to upgrade one of her cars to match his level. Kanyari then inquired about her car collection and she responded saying, “I own a Toyota Harrier and a Nissan Note.”

Kanyari then commented that his cars were more streamlined than hers.

Rish, on the other hand, made him chuckle by reminding him of his more expensive vehicles.

“I’ve seen you with a V8 and a Range Rover. What else could you desire, Baba? “Can you please improve my Nissan Note?” She quipped.

Kanyari grinned, promising to grant her wish. “I’ll buy you a Lexus. I’ll even buy a helicopter to praise Jesus. “Regardless of what others may say,” he declared.

This is not the first time the duo has astounded Kenyans with their humor. Last week, Rish startled Kanyari by openly flirting with him.




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