Prophet Victor Kanyari has once again broken the internet, leaving Kenyans disgusted by his behaviours that do not conform with a person who claims to be man of God.

In the recent Live TikTok video, he caught Kenyans off guard, after he decided to entertain a woman, identified as Rish Kamunge,  who was holding her breasts in a suggestive manner enticing him to go and feel them. Kanyari was seen thirsting over her.

“I don’t have a bra, come check them out. Abujubuju,” Kamunge shamelessly said.

e”Abujubuju,” Kanyari responded.

The video has seen netizens criticise the preacher. Many seemed to be irritated by the his actions  with others suggesting that he should be at the front line rallying against prostitution since his sister allegedly passed on while entertaining a man sexually.

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“That’s a false pastor,” said one.

“Halafu kuna majamaa wataenda church yake, failures” read another comment, as another said, ” Koinange moved to TikTok.

Kanyari  however stood by his beliefs of saying the truth and not hiding anything from his followers stating that being a pastor doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings .This also barely comes barely  a week after he advised young women to dress in short dresses and wear g-strings. He further advised them not to be involved with men who are not  ready to give them money .

Kamunge however recently revealed her undying love for the pastor.

“Unapologetically, shamelessly the heart wants what it wants do you know what it wants I want Kanyari I want him and I won’t keep on hiding my feelings for him,” she said .

The acts from that live have however raised concerns others hinting that the pastor is encouraging prostitution online thus misleading young girls online.


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