Slain business lady, Sheila Wagesha, has been accused of engaging in extra marital affairs with multiple men despite being married to Jackson Bamboo.

This came to light after a friend to Jack, revealed that she was involved with multiple other men among them Ohangla artists adding that they only looked perfect on social media.

“I remember one night in 2016 while celebrating Sheila’s birthday at club samba jack noticed that another boyfriend was also preparing a birthday for his wife.” He said.

He questioned why people are only talking now after Jack took her life accusing her of taking advantage of her husband by seeing other man.

“It’s sad that now everyone is talking, why jack had to end Sheila’s life. This one lady who simply took advantage of Jack Bamboo by allowing jack to marry her while she had not dropped her appetite for men.” He alleged.

Another person well known to Sheila also revealed that the slain business lady had anger issues as well as misconduct describing Jack as the total opposite of her.

“This lady was having serious anger problems, on top of other misconduct. On the other hand, Jack was totally different. A calm, humble and very understanding gentleman.” he revealed.

Sheila popular in clubs along Kangundo Road, was fond of mistreating bar tenders at JB Lounge and a club in Umoja that she co-owns with her husband.

He referred to her as toxic giving reference to an incident where  She once allegedly confronted a customer at their Umoja Club simply because they had an altercation at another entertainment joint.

Jack, who is currently on the run, had reportedly tolerated his wife for long before he brutally murdered her a few days ago at their Athi River home.

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