Rappers Khaligraph Jones and Rick Ross were supposed to go live on Instagram on Monday at 7pm.

Highly anticipating the session, Khaligraph told his fans that there would be a big announcement during the live video.

Rick Ross was also excited about going live with the Kenyan rapper acknowledging him as one of the biggest OGs in history.

“I am about to go live with one of the biggest OGs in the history from Kenya Khaligraph Jones one of the records I found this wavy. I want you all to do your homework, go to IG get online, stream his music. I am looking forward and I am excited to put a project together with amazing Africa producers,” the American rapper said.

Unfortunately, the live session couldn’t go through because of an issue that developed on Khaligraph’s end. According to him, his haters decided to spoil the moment by reporting his account and therefore.

“Today I have experienced the most intense highest level of jealous. You guys know today Khaligraph was supposed to go live with the boss but unfortunately that didn’t happen because apparently some people ganged up against me and they went and reported my account. I am  trying to go live but am not being given the access to go live,” he said

Khaligraph apologized to his fans who were left with disappointments.

“It is beyond my control. I can’t contain the situation, they did what they did. We have always been pushing the envelope to the next level but niggas are always trying to downplay our efforts and now it has gotten to a point where they even report our account so that we can not go live. They are fambling our bags,” he said.

The rapper expressed hope that he would again find chance to go live with Rick Ross. He also slammed those responsible for reporting his account.

“To all you envious, jealous, coldhearted, pathetic people who reported my account today ma*ako nyinyi. To all my fans am sorry it couldn’t happen, it is impossible, we tried everything but it couldn’t work hopefully next time we get to do it again,” he said.

Reacting to the video, Rick Ross said, “We won’t stop”

“Ma*ako zao waparare huko,” KRG The Don also commented.

“Majamaa wamereport account, kamati ya roho chafu,” Khaligraph responded to KRG.


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