It is over a year since Comedian Eric Omondi began fighting for the rights and well being of the less fortunate Kenyans and since then he has never looked back.

The father of two has been raising funds to help those with medical bills, poor housing, the deceased who have overstayed in mortuaries, building bridges in communities among other humanitarian activities.

Many Kenyans have been beneficiaries of his Sisi kwa Sisi initiative, and many have lauded him for his effort, especially those who believe that his initiative is from the heart.

Others however believe that Eric is just preparing his political ground by helping the needy.

In a recent post howeveer,  Eric said that he is seeking to further extend his help to unemployed Kenyans by helping them get jobs.

Dressed in graduation attire, Eric said that his initiative, Kenya Employment Association,  is seeking to connect job seekers to employers.

“Almost half of the Kenyan population is UNEMPLOYED. People are Struggling to put food on the table. Fathers are unable to provide for basic needs. A majority of Kenyas live below the poverty line. But we can change this Narrative, we WILL CHANGE this SITUATION…WE ARE GOING TO CONNECT KENYANS TO EACH OTHER!!! Our STRENGTH LIES in our UNITY. If you are an EMPLOYER, if you have ANY JOB please COMMENT below or Send us a message on 0718891427. By ANY JOB we mean ANY JOB, we are not choosy. If you are Looking for A JOB PLEASE Contact us on the same number 0718891427 via Message and WE WILL GET YOU A JOB,” he said.

In March last year, his move to address the high rate of unemployment in the country was thwarted when he was arrested while taking 3 million CVs to Statehouse.

The African president of comedy was carrying the documents in a hand cart branded ‘State House Express.”


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