Actress and content creator Jackie Matubia has revealed the reason behind her weekly series dubbed Toxic is on Youtube and not on the Tv screens.

Matubia in an interview with Silva Kido of Spm Buzz, said that it was rejected by Tv stations while it was in it’s early stages.

She revealed that she and her team tried to pitch it to Tv stations but none of them seemed interested and thus opted to use her You tube account to air the weekly series.

” We tried to push when it was just a script and a proposal but no one accepted us so we decided to create our own channel and slot which my You tube channel.” She said.

Matubia through her account hosting over 250K subscribers, said that the rejection she received was only a blessing in disguise as she has been able to reach a lot more people.

She said that airing it on You tube has been more convenient as people from outside the country are able to watch the series.

” For me tukiwa hapo. With You tube tunaweza kufikia watu wetu wenye wako diaspora wanawatch na other countries wanaona that Kenya kuna talents.” she added.

She added that though they had faced rejection in the past, she is really not sure about selling to other people as the decision does not lay on her solely.

“Niko na team mzima I’ll have to consult with but as the dream carrier, I am not sure because siezi sema dream yangu nikuiweka You tube alafu nikuje niseme tuiuze, so I am not sure.”She said.


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Matubia said the reason behind the skepticism by media stations to buy her series is because most of them only believe in her art as an actress and not as a producer.

“Watu wananiaminia kama actor they will even give you a role and that is good but not as producer. That happens especially when you try something new lakini I had to prove myself and here I am with big numbers on You tube.” She said.

Having proved her self Matubia says she is open to sitting down and having converstions with media stations and corporates also as a producer.

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