Mungai Eve

Content creator Eve Mungai talked about her solo career on YouTube after she was prevented from accessing her joint account with her ex-director Trevor.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, she discussed her solo career after her public breakup with her ex, director Trevor, with whom she had a YouTube channel.

”It’s been great, it’s been a great journey, I cannot say it’s a solo journey because I have a team I’m working with and I can’t complain,” she said.

She thanked God for giving her new ideas while appreciating her team for standing by her and her brand.

”I appreciate the team i work with and I thank God for each and every day I get new ideas of how to do things differently because I have done this for three years so I need to keep on doing things differently,” she added.

Additionally, Eve claimed that her comeback was not as bumpy as people expected as she already had three years of experience and therefore knew what needed to be done.

” It wasn’t bumpy because I can say having done it for three years, I already learned what I’m supposed to be doing. By the time I was coming to start over by myself, I knew what I needed to do,”

Weeks after her ex-boyfriend, director Trevor, took over and rebranded their former channel as Kenya Online Media, content producer Eve Mungai started her own YouTube channel.

With a major announcement on her Instagram page, the social media influencer asked her followers to help her with her new business, which she is now calling Mungai Eve Media.

She stated, “Embarking on a journey from Starting Over to Rising Up.”

Many fans and other content creators sent their congratulations after hearing the joyful news. One such creator was Trevor, who wrote, “Congratulations on her new journey.”

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