Renown singer, businesswoman and Philantropist Esther Akothee alias Akothee, has one again shared the frustrations she is going through because of people taking advantage of her foundation.

In a lengthy social media post, the mother of five reiterated that her foundation has no donors or sponsors but fully relies on her brand, her personal resources and a few well wishers who chip in from time to time.

Akothee lamented that people were using the foundation to get back at her when things didn’t go their way.

“Why do people use the Akothee Foundation to hurt and try to damage me? Why are people using the Akothee Foundation as a platform to communicate with me, and when things don’t go their way, they use the opportunity to hurt me?” She stated.

“Why do people take advantage of my vulnerability? I never knew giving could make someone feel so empty. I am learning and unlearning.
May God give me the strength to keep on going,” she went on.

“So why is my inbox full of people needing help, who later develop a sense of entitlement? Why do people pretend to support the foundation, only to later become exploiters? We don’t have givers; we have clout chasers,” Akothee further aired her frustrations.

Emotionally drained, Akothee reflects on the rollercoaster of feelings she’s been experiencing.

This tumult has led her to the difficult decision to take a break from her philanthropic efforts until she can regain her strength and sense of self. She prays for the fortitude to continue her journey of learning and unlearning, hoping to one day return to her mission with renewed vigor.

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