Instagram influencer and content creator Georgina Njenga claims she is not ready to date again until God says so himself.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, one of her fans claimed he wanted her to which the content creator responded that she is not willing to date just yet.

” I’m not dating again until God Himself  comes and sit on my bed and says, ‘One of my homeboys wanna talk to you!”’ she said.

Georgina  broke up with her baby daddy, actor Tyler Mbaya,  last year, over piled up issues that they had in their relationship.

The single mother disclosed that a variety of underlying concerns led to their joint choice to separate.

Georgina revealed that their choice to split up wasn’t motivated by a single factor.

“It was just not working; there were just piled-up issues, ni mambo mingi zenye hamjui,” she said, declining to go into detail about what those issues were.

She underlined that their split was the result of an amicable decision that things were not working out, not that one of them had left the other. She also mentioned that they had attempted to even engage relatives in an attempt to save their relationship.

“We sat down and felt hii imeenda, we tried talking for so long but… We tried to involve family,” she said.

She stated her opinion that a child shouldn’t be the only justification for staying in an unsatisfactory relationship.

In the recent past, her fans have asked about her relationship status to which she got irritated by the recurring question .

She asked her followers to stop obsessing over details of her private life. She came right out and said she was single at the moment, and she was annoyed that people kept bringing up this part of her life.

“No, and all of you need to put an end to this nonsense. My life is not solely defined by relationships.” she warned.

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