In a bold and unexpected move, Peter Salasya, the Member of Parliament for Mumias East Constituency, has announced his intention to run for the presidency in 2042.

This long-term political aspiration was revealed during a recent event in Mumias East as he was giving out busary, where Salasya also introduced his prospective running mate, Kirinyaga County Woman Representative, Wakili Njeri.

“This is how we shall walk into victory with my running mate Kirinyaga County Woman Representative @WakiliNjeri when I will be running for presidency in 2042,” Salasya said confidently.

Salasya also fulfilled his promise of distributing shower gel to local women as he had promise them.

“Wamama wamefurahi sana ground kupata Bursary sasa next week narudi Nairobi kupiga vipindi na kudance short videos Kwa TikTok na kungoja bipartisan talks to get a lasting solution for the sake of unity of this country,” he noted.

The Mp also distributed bursaries worth Ksh. 39 million,  aimed at supporting the education of his constituents. He emphasized the importance of education as a leveling field for all, an equalizer between the poor and the rich.

Moreover, he shared his vision for national unity, stressing on the need for dialogue and cooperation among political leaders. This is of course in 2042 after he wins the presidential elections.

“I will have dialogue, handshake, bipartisan, nusumkate call it etc with any worthy opponent above 4 million votes.”

He mentioned this to show his commitment to fostering peace and cohesion when his dream of being the president is fulfilled.

He also mentioned his plans for personal development, including furthering his education to improve his English proficiency. This, he believes, will bolster his capabilities as a leader on the national stage.

Despite often being perceived as a jovial figure, Salasya’s dedication to his people and his proactive measures in education and community welfare demonstrate his serious approach to leadership.




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