Instagram Influencer and Youtuber Georgina Njenga teased her followers on Instagram with a photo within a photo that stated ‘I’m actually obsessed with my man’.

She however never shared anything else about the man in question.

She posted this photo on her Instagram on Wednesday evening in a lavish hotel surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

The mother of one is known for her public relationship with her ex, former Machachari actor, Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha.

This is not the first time the content creator has teased her followers about her relationships with new men since breaking up with her baby daddy last year.

Georgina had stated earlier this year that she is not in a rush to enter a new relationship.

In an interview with online journalist Nicholas Kioko, she said that she is single and not searching. She answered this when asked about her co-parenting life with baby daddy Tyler Mbaya.

She also said that she was not aware if Tyler had moved on or not.

”I don’t know if he’s moved on, but I am single… I haven’t found a partner, but I’m not looking… I am on the market to find myself and to grow,” she said.

Also in the interview, she said that despite missing Tyler life has to move on for the sake of Astra, their daughter.

“Yes, true, but life happened, things happened, so we continue. One thing about life is life moves on, life goes on, so even if I miss him, those are memories and at least Astra will grow saying we were there.”

She also said that the chapter with Tyler is not fully closed and their future is still uncertain.

“I think I’d say you never know with life. You can’t plan life. Today I might say we don’t get back together and then we do or I might say here we can’t get back together and then we do.

Or I might say we can get back together and then we don’t. But of course, destiny holds its place, so maybe we get back together and then we don’t. Someday.

Just like I have no plan for my life. I’ll plan but God holds the ultimate key so maybe yes, maybe no, but it’s something that I haven’t entirely closed off from my life,” she said.

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