Warren from Warren and Whitney’s family, declared his love for his girlfriend Whitney on his social media page.

He declared that he would never leave his girlfriend and that no woman makes him feel like she does.

This was after a fan told them not to break up via Instagram.

” I will never leave Whitney, it will never happen, no woman can make me feel like she does.” he said.

He also went ahead to say that two years from now his family would be Kenya’s most beloved and they would be the biggest couple in Kenya.

”2 years from now, Warren and Whitney Family is gonna be Kenya’s most beloved and biggest couple,” he declared

He also added that they are the best couple and are meant for each other.

”We just the best couple trust me, its like we are not from earth we are definitely created for each other. ON GOD,” Warren said.

Warren and Whitney are a young You tube couple who came to the limelight after their video of them telling their parents they are pregnant.

The video was of Warren talking to Whitney’s father after confessing they are pregnant.

The video went viral after netizens found out that Whitney was only 19 years and was at her first year in University.

Netizens had mixed reactions on this as some thought she was too young and others urged them not to listen to people online.

After gaining popularity, the couple took this opportunity to promote their You tube channel and gain following.

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