Inter-Miami has been winning games with the help of Argentina’s forward superstar, Lionel Messi, until Wednesday, when they drew with Orlando City.

Messi’s absence from the pitch was a result of a knee injury. In all the five games he has played this season in the MSL league, Messi has never missed even a single game until yesterday, when he sat besides the pitch due to the injury.

This comes just before Miami’s coach explain to to the media about their next game on Saturday.

“With three games this week and with him still in pain to maneuver, we thought it was prudent for him not to play. The idea is for him to play on Saturday but it will depend on how he continues to evolve. He trained again today and did well but we are not going to take any kind of risk. We will evaluate him,” said Gerardo Martino, the coach

Martino said that he has not been comfortable, but he had trained for the game, and the results were good.

Orlando gradually gained momentum in the game, compelling Miami’s goalkeeper, Drake Callender, to showcase his skills by blocking a shot from Martín Ojeda. The Argentine player had created an opportunity with an excellent turn at the edge of the penalty area.

Colombian forward Luis Muriel also challenged Callender with an attempt from the same range, but the defenses of both teams soon tightened up.

The best opportunity of the second half fell to Orlando when Facundo Torres passed to Muriel. However, the former Atalanta winger hesitated and lost possession inside the box.

In the final moments, Orlando launched an aggressive attack in search of a decisive goal. The ball landed at the feet of Japanese substitute Yutaro Tsukada, but his shot soared high and wide of the target.

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