Renown actress and influencer Jackie Matubia has admitted that at one point in her life, she contemplated ending her life and that of her first born child Zari.

That is because she was being bullied through social media because of the things her ex-husband used to do.

Jacque said that women would send Mpesa messages they received from her husbands, HIV tests they had done and even photos.

“They will DM like you are posting your husband tulikuwa naye jana. Mimi ile kupigana nimepigana thank God zile siku social media wasn’t that strong.  I was fighting until it got to a point I was like why? What is the reason?” she said.

“It really affected me because at that point, you are used to being attacked as me and now you are being attacked because of what your spouse has done and then you child.”

Jackie says that she had a change of mind after realizing that people were just projecting their on problems to her.

“I remember there is a day..I even tried to.. I took medicine, I held my child, I was ready… because of bullying. Then I was like sasa nikienda mbinguni?I wanted to take away my life and my child’s life, my firstborn Zari. Nikajiuliza siku moja na sasa nikienda mbinguni, Mungu ataniuliza huyu binadamu mwenye si mimi, why are you worried, hebu ona shida zake . They are projecting shida zake kwako because you are there. I woke up just one day I was like..,”Jackie told Mungai Eve.

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