In response to inquiries about her relationship status and co-parenting arrangement with Blessing Lung’aho, Jackie Matubia has chosen to maintain a guarded silence, refraining from delving into the intricacies of their separation after nearly eight months.

During a recent interview with a local digital media on February 27, Matubia faced queries about the co-parenting dynamics with Blessing Lung’aho, given that almost two years have passed since the birth of their second child, Zendaya.

“It’s been almost two years tangu upate mtoto wako wa pili na Blessing Lung’aho na at some point mkakuja mkaachana, so are you guys co-parenting ama namna gani?” the interviewer probed.

Despite the considerable time that has elapsed since the birth of Zendaya, Matubia tactfully sidestepped the question, responding with a succinct “Next.”

The love story between Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung’aho, once celebrated as a social media power couple, began in February 2021. For two years, they epitomized relationship goals, but rumors of their breakup surfaced shortly after celebrating their second dating anniversary in early 2023.

Their relationship milestones included the birth of their daughter, and during Blessing’s birthday celebration in April 2022, he proposed to Matubia, hinting at an impending wedding.

Blessing Lung’aho, displaying unwavering support for Matubia, expressed admiration and love during her debut on the Salem TV series.

Following the breakup, Blessing Lung’aho introduced his new partner, Irene, in a video promoting a pool party. The actor affectionately referred to her using pet names, showcasing their companionship.

In a separate post, Lung’aho shared glimpses of him and Irene, adorned in elegant attire, emphasizing the happiness radiating from their companionship.

Despite the public nature of their past relationship, both Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung’aho have chosen discretion when discussing the details of their personal lives, leaving many intrigued by the dynamics that unfold behind the scenes.

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