A few weeks ago, former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya made headlines when his photos with his girlfriend Mary Biketi were leaked online.

The governor however dismissed those behind the leakage saying that the photos were genuine.

“These photos are indeed genuine. I am puzzled as to why someone would invest time in circulating them. It’s regrettable that whoever took these photos leaked them to the press,” he said.

Biketi also confirmed that they were together, adding that it is known by the public that Oparanya is a polygamous man.

In a recent interview, Oparanya further embraced Biketi, revealing that she has no problems with his other 2 wives and that they welcome her in their homes.

“I have a girlfriend. I have no problem, even with my wife here.  My girlfriend comes here, she has no problem because I take care of her,” he said during a tour of his exquisite Kakamega home with KTN Home.

He went on to explain why he became a polygamous. According to him, all his elder siblings passed away, and he grew up alone. Due to this, his mother encouraged him to have more children once he is grown.

“I was born alone, my mother taught me to be sincere. My mother always told me my son, it is unfortunate that you were born alone. Actually we were born five of us, unfortunately, the first four died so I became the only one surviving. My mother used to say when you grow up have more children so that you I would compensate what I would have had and that how I have become sincere and people here know that when  know when I say something it happens. I don’t cheat on anything,” Oparanya said.

The former governor added that he had no problem when he went viral with his girlfriend.

“That is my private life, there are people who pretend but at night they are witches,” he said

He however noted that he is not looking forward to date more women.

“There is no vacancy. Life is is very expensive. I have two wives, one is here and one is in Likuyani near Soy,” he said, adding that he didn’t plan on marrying more than one wives.

“It just happens, you meet someone that you like, then you can stay together and I remember what my mother told me,”Oparanya said.



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