Nairobi Police are under scrutiny after a protestor, Rex Kanyike, was fatally shot on Thursday evening during demonstrations against the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

The body of the victim, aged  29-year-old, is currently lying at the City Mortuary.

According to Austin Arnold, a lawyer familiar with the case, Kanyike was heading home with a friend around 7 p.m. when he was shot in the knee by an officer using live ammunition outside the Hilton Hotel on Moi Avenue.

The bullet stayed lodged, causing fatal blood loss and death.

Reports indicate that he spent over 20 minutes seeking medical help before being taken to Bliss Medical Centre on Moi Avenue, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“I’m sharing pictures of Rex Kanyike lying the in morgue with consent from his parents, Chrispin Odawa and Gillian Munyao who are standing over his body at the City Mortuary,” Mwangi Said. “He was killed by the police this evening. They’re shocked and numb from the loss of their son.”

The fatal shooting of Rex Kanyike has ignited widespread outrage, prompting a significant public reaction across Kenya.

Citizens have taken to social media platforms demanding justice for Kanyike.

The incident, involving a police officer who allegedly fired live rounds, has become a rallying point for those frustrated with police brutality and the proposed legislation.

Hashtags calling for accountability and reform are trending, as Kenyans express their anger and grief over Kanyike’s death.

This outpouring of emotion underscores a growing demand for transparency, legal action against the responsible officer, and broader changes to prevent such incidents in the future.

The unfortunate incident has been condemned by a number of leaders including Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino in his Facebook handle this morning.

The lawmaker has since donated Kshs200,000 to assist in Kanyike’s funeral arrangements.

“We will make sure your sacrifice is not in vain Friend. Go well and pass our regards to our founding fathers, let them know the struggle lives on! I gave a contribution of KES200,000 to Rex’s parents to assist in funeral arrangements. I call upon Kenyans to stand with the family of this fallen hero at this difficult time through their paybill and give whatever little they can,” he said

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