Rayvanny the popular Bongo flavor star has caused a stir online after speaking on his rekindled relationship with his first wife Fayvanny.

Speaking to the press that awaited at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the superstar revealed that he was at his happiest and their relationship was flourishing.

He however confessed that the two were prone to conflicts and confrontations especially during their early days but assured fans that they had since worked on it.

”Namshukuru mungu kwamba tunaenda vizuri. Namshkuru mungu. tulikua tunagombana sana mwanzo lakini saa hii tunaenda vizuri. Im so happy you have to know that .” he told the interviewers.

The ”tetema” hitmaker shyed away from answering more questions regarding his love life stating that he was afraid he would get emotional and cry.

”Sitaki kuongea sana .Sitaki kuingia deep sana unavyongea hivyo unatengeneza mazingira yangu nianze kuongea kuna muda mwingine niwe emotional. maanake tunapitia moments tufauti mnaeza aanza kuona nikilia eti oooh” he hilariously explained.

The superstar has been in an on and off relationship with Instagram fashion influencer Fayvanny since the start of his music career but officially broke things off in 2019  through an Instagram post after she walked out of their matrimonial home due to allegations that he was sleeping around with a video vixen

”I have always respected all the years we have spent together. We have wronged each other many times and forgiven each other on end. You have always wanted a life that will not help you. I respect you and I respect my family. It is okay if you have decided to walk away, I will not blame you,”Rayvanny wrote on his socials.

He went ahead to date a younger Instagram model known as Paulah Kajala who  as her surname suggests is the daughter of famous actress Fridah Kajala.

The two did not last for long for an year later, the superstar took to the stage and announced the split during a live performance over the weekend at Sumbawanga, Tanzania.

He has gone back to his first love going as far as casting her as a video vixen in his latest track Mwambieni.





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