Christina Shusho a popular gospel artist has come under fire from her Kenyan fanbase ahead of her much publicized concert scheduled on 31st of December.

The concert dubbed ”The crossover” will witness a performance from the superstar and her fellow gospel musicians and some popular comedians since the concert is being hosted by Churchill show a famous local comedy program.

The decision to integrate her concert with comedy apparently did not auger well with her fans who felt that the comedians would be a distraction to what would have otherwise been a very beautiful worshipping experience.

Pritty Vishy the ex=girlfriend to popular musician Stivo Simple boy joined the list of angered fans. She took to her Instagram account to share her opinions on the mega concert.

The content creator explained that she had changed her mind about attending the concert because she was looking forward to a full Christina Shusho experience an not lots of comedy with less music as was being offered at the concert.

Other Kenyans seemingly agreed with her sentiments as they flocked the comment section with opinions on the whole drama.

”Kucheka already serikali inatuchekesha na uongo…tunataka performance from 10pm hadi 3pm alafu tumalizie 1842 ama namna gani?”

”We did not want to zero graze around comedy we wanted a free range chaotic uncontrolled prophet owour rowdy type of setup.”

”31st utaskia Christina Shusho akisema ametumwa na mungu na sisi tumemuita.” netizens commented.

Shusho seemingly got word that her fans had started to worry as she took to her twitter account to assure that she would sing and worship with all her songs till the audience had had to their fill.

The crossover concert will take place at Garden city Nairobi  and will feature performances from Salvado, Nasra, Mammito, captain otoyo and the sensational Ethan music and Kinoti.





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