Comedian Oga Obinna found himself in a rather a difficult situation after his four children demanded for a DNA test.

The discussion was launched by his third born, Ada, who felt she is totally different from her siblings, first because she is light-skinned and has dimples, something that Obinna and her mother lack.

Ada also doesn’t look like her younger sister with whom they share a mother.

The four children unanimously told Obina that they suspect he is not their father because of the differences in their appearances and likes although the skin colour of some is similar Obinna’s.


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Obinna however challenged them asking them what they will do if they one day find that he is not the biological father.

“I don’t give a damn about my dad kama nitapata wewe si dad wangu, si tumeshaendelea na wewe, life moves on,” his son, who is the eldest, said.

“Kama sitapata wewe si baba yangu sitajali. Mbona nimtafute(the real dad), si yeye ndio aliniacha, angenitafuta,” the second born identified as Brianna said.

“First of all bado nitaishi kwa hii nyumba kama your child. Second of all nitamtafuta…,” Ada, the third born, said and the last born, Lola, also said that she wouldn’t give a damn about her biological father and would prefer to live in the streets if Obinna would refuse to take her in.

Obinna however assured them that he is their father and was not willing to give into their demands and take the paternity test

“I will not do a DNA test for you guys because me I don’t see myself living without you. Nitaanzia wapi., You guys are my babies, that is how we conclude this story, with or without DNA test. DNA test nitawafanyia mkishakuwa wakubwa, you guys are my people,” the comedian said.

Obinna has four children from three baby mamas. Although he co-parents with his baby mamas, he previously admitted that it was not a walk in the park.

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