In a video that captured an argument that has drawn attention between popular musician Bahati and his partner Diana Marua, exchange words over Mother’s Day celebrations.

The disagreement started when Diana expressed her dissatisfaction with Bahati’s efforts, despite her contributions to their family giving her womb to him three times when he has done nothing for her in return

“I have given you my womb three times, so what have you done for me?” Diana asked Bahati.

Giving her womb three times meaning the three children she has bore for Bahati.Her statement shows her feeling of under appreciation, suggesting that Bahati has not reciprocated her sacrifices well

Bahati did not go quiet as he instead responded swiftly.

“I have also activated your womb three times,” implying that his role in their children’s conception is also important.

This exchange highlights an issue in their relationship, with Diana feels that she is being taken for granted for her daily presence and contributions.

“Is it that you take me for granted because I am in your life every day? Every day you wake up and see me. Every day you know that Diana is here. Mama watoto ndio huyu,” Diana continued.

She also questioned whether Bahati truly appreciates her as a mother of his children .  “Babe, do you even treasure Mother’s Day?”

Bahati responded by claiming that Diana also never acknowledges his efforts. “There is no day Diana atakuja hapa aseme nimefanya vitu mzuri. Hiyo ndio shida ya Diana,” he added, defending himself by listing the things he had done for her.

“Nimekununulia shamba ngapi? Nimekununulia nyumba ngapi? Nimekununulia magari ngapi?” He asked

The argument between the two love birds brings about the issue on appreciation within relationships, particularly concerning the emotions women often undertake when they feel not adequately recognized by their spouses.

Bahati and Diana’s personal dispute also brings to light the complexities of partnership in relationships.


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