Radio personality and actor, Nick Ndeda discloses how he reveals to women that he does not want kids on the first day to avoid pressure.

In an interview with Tuko, he opened up on this as he said that the topic of children should be a first date discussion.

this allows them to be on the same page, avoid disappointing them, and avoid that conversation later in the relationship.

As for kids, that’s a first-date question. I never beat around the bush. The moment I find someone I’m interested in, one of the things I am always telling them is, if you and I are going to have something, just know that in the future there will be no children. There will be cats though,” he said.

He revealed to Tuko that he is currently in a relationship and has never been single for a long time.

“I am always seeing people. I have literally never been single. Ever since I started dating, I have never been single. There’s like a month or a few weeks will pass. The longest I was single was after my marriage crumbled for about five months,” he said.

Nick revealed his current partner to the public back in January 2022 just months after separation with his ex wife.

Comparing her to his favourite food and making remarks about how much she was, he subtly expressed his affection for her. Fans were ecstatic with his message and congratulated him on moving on and finding love again.

Nick Ndeda and his ex, content creator, Muthoni Gitau announced their separation in July 2021 through their you tube channel ‘Just doing Life’ and reasoned that they had different directions for their aligned goals.

The actor also revealed that he had a vasectomy as he and his wife never wanted to have kids.

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