Akothee, a Kenyan Musician claims that there is a Nigerian who stole from her, and she has vowed to expose him so that she can get it out of her chest.

The furious mother of five took on her Instagram page and said that a Nigerian stole from her a whole some 10,000 USD.

She wants to expose him to get the matter off her chest.

“There Is A Nigerian who stole 10,000 USD from me I want to expose him today So that I can get this off my chest. A friend of him promised to sort me out on his behalf, but since it’s been 4 years I don’t see it coming. Let me just clean my hands.” A post from Akothee read.

She unveiled the location of the guy she’s accusing saying that he comes from London. The Igbo guy has a londeyan accent.

“The guy lives in London… He has a londeyan accent, wait until the money dropped in his account…Uwiii I have never heard such a strong Igbo pidgin in my entire life.” Akothee commented.

Despite being called naïve by her daughter, Akothee seems to still trust too quick. She promised to go live on TikTok telling her baby how she lost money.

“I will be live on TikTok telling my baby @nellyoaks how I lost money in the name of a brand. Nelly at times calls me naive because I trust too quick.”

Akothee admitted to have faced a lot of challenges in her musical career ending up suffering the consequences. These ordeals coming from every corner of her life from different people.

“I have suffered with music. He is not the only one. I lost quite a lot in different hands. Tell a friend to tell a friend to come listen. 9.00 pm Kenya time. Please tag all Nigerians to come here,” she added.”

She further asked for an audience from her fans as she will be revealing the mastermind behind this deceitful action.


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