Four employees of St Andrews School, Turi in Molo, Nakuru County are nursing serious burn injuries after they were electrocuted on Tuesday February 26.

The four men aged between 50 and 60 are said to have been moving a tent at the school’s compound when the tragic incident befell them. The tent is said to have come in contact with a three-phase power line causing the electrocution that left them extremely injured.

The men were rushed to St Joseph Hospital where they are recuperating. According to a medical report by the hospital, the four men, two aged 60 years and the others aged 50 and 58 years, are in a stable condition having sustained burns on their chests and legs.

Police Officers from Molo Police Station led by OCS Johnson Lemuna together with their Kenya Power counterparts visited the scene, before visiting the four men at the Hospital, to establish the nature of the incident that had caused alarm among the residents of Molo.

The incident has raised concerns over workplace safety and the adherence to electrical safety protocols in educational institutions among other work places on the need to prioritize the safety of their students and employees by ensuring compliance with electrical safety standards.

Following the incident, an investigation was launched by the local police in collaboration with Kenya Power and Lighting Company officials with the aim to uncover the circumstances that led to the accident. They plan to implement measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

This incidence brings to light the importance of having regular electrical inspections and adherence safety control measures to prevent such incidences from happening.

The school however declined to comment on the incident. The community is currently awaiting for details on the incidence as investigations are still ongoing.

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