Award winning actress Jackie Matubia has maintained that she is proud to be a single mother of two daughters.

In an interview with Pulse, the former TV host also said that her focus is currently on her children and  building an empire for them.

“My focus right now is my babies and building an empire for them coz hao hawatakutoka na hakitakuramba wakikutoka. I am so proud of being a single mother and you should also be proud to be a single mother you know the kind of peace that comes with being a single mother always be proud of who you are if that’s what God has intended,” she said.


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Despite having two failed marriages, Matubia however noted that marriage is not a scam and that it is a very beautiful institution.

“I am a single mother of two failed marriages. I am so proud of who I am and I will not let the society look down on me and I want to teach my girls it is fine, if marriage imekukataa that is not the end of the world. Marriage is  amazing, it’s a beautiful institution. Usiwahiambiwa it is a scam but again I say communication, respect, those are things that you can’t play alone it has to be a two way traffic. If your partner is not giving you don’t settle for less, we are not the first single mothers and we are not gonna be the last,  I am not gonna die because am a single mother,” the actress said.

She also advised women against rushing into marriages before working on themselves first.

“Enjoy what you need to enjoy ndio tusikuwe na haraka ya you get into a marriage haiwork, na hata we mwenyewe you have not worked on yourself. I alsways tell women  work on yourself, love yourself ndio hata mtu akikuja kukupenda anafeel am not loving this person enough,” she said.



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