Carol Katrue

Carol Katrue, the wife of Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby, dared him to wear put on dress on a TikTok live.

The Mugithi singer stepped in front of the camera wearing a blue dress, encouraged by his laughing wife.

”Piga 360 karembo,” she said as Miracle Baby adjusted the camera to give a better view of himself in a dress.

Their fans on the live had various reactions; some commented, ‘ This is too much usisimame’, and others just laughed along with the couple.


Miracle Baby had previously struggled with his health, being admitted and released from the hospital on a regular basis.

On social media, his wife Carol Katrue posted images of her husband in a hospital bed while pleading with her followers for financial support.

She opened up to her husband’s fans that he had been struggling with a gastrointestinal condition.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, Carol Katrue also spoke more of her husband’s health issues.

”Hio ugonjwa ilianza 2018. Actually, 2018 ndo alifanyiwa operation ya kwanza na ilikua bado obstruction ya intestines kuna vitu zilikua zimeblock but that time ilikua growth.” she explained.

She said that he went through the first operation and it was successful.

So akaenda hio operation ya kwanza na ikakua successful na akawa fiti,” she said.

She added that in 2020, the condition was back but it was not as serious and they treated it with over-the-counter drugs.

In 2022, his condition got worse and was required to be hospitalised.

“So Thursday ndo alikua worst, akaanza kutetemeka, kutapika na akazima kabisaa. So tukampeleka Uhai Neema ka ako unconscious – hio hospitali iko along Thika Road.

So kumpeleka akafanyiwa X-ray, akafanyiwa scan wakasema ako na growth ingine bado kwa intestines. Wakaturefer Nazareth.

So kuenda Nazareth kufika wakaanza kusema ohh lazima aende operation ingine, the same same operation na ya last time ilikua imetumia 300k. Na wanasema ni the same same problem,” she said.

They however avoided operation by going to another hospital.

In January 2024, Miracle Baby’s intestine ruptured and he was taken for another surgery.

At the moment, Miracle Baby appears to be recuperating well based on their publicly available videos and pictures.

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