Eric Omondi

Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has voiced his support for maintaining traditional dowry payment practices due to their cultural importance and beauty.

Omondi, is known for his funny personality, said these during a recent interview where he was asked about his views on the issue of dowry payment systems.

“I think we need to maintain and sustain the traditional and cultural dowry payment,” he stated. He elaborated that the practice is not only part of our culture but also a source of its unique beauty.

“It makes Africa beautiful, it makes our culture beautiful. Hizi za ngo’mbe, mbuzi, I think tuziweke,” he added, supporting for the preservation and sustainability of dowry payments involving cattle and goats.

Eric Omondi also contrasted the traditional dowry payment methods with the today practices

“The Gen Z pay in form of manyumba vehicles, and land unlike the traditional where animals were used,” he mentioned.

Despite the modern trends, Omondi said that he prefers the traditional practices. This was when he revealed his plans to stick by them when paying dowry for his partner, Lynne Njehia.

“Tutaenda tu traditional juu mimi ni mzee,” he remarked. He said claiming to be old.He also urged  people not to loose their identity and culture as during this time of Artificial intelligence.

“Venye tunadevelop na AI na Nini, tusiloose hiyo culture.”

When asked to talk about the estimated budget for Lynne’s dowry payment he responded by saying;

“Wewe si unajua tu Eric Omondi,” he stopped before adding, “Itaingia mjini.” To mean that it shall be a big thing.

Eric Omondi came to fame due to his exceptional comedies while performing at churchill show which was aired by Nation Television.

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