After sharing a picture of himself with the stunning Rwandan pilot Iggy Huguette, Kenyan businessman Khalif Kairo has captured the hearts of his countrymen.

He had posted two photos of him and the Rwandese pilot before and after landing with the captions ‘My captain today’ and ‘We landed safely’ respectively.


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Kenyan businessman Khalif Kairo visited Rwanda and spent the day taking pictures with Huguette Umuhoza, a stunning pilot.

The stunning pilot was the talk of the men in Kairo’s comment section, ” she exuded intelligence and attractiveness. She’s one of the best pilots,” the businessman said.


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The comment section hailed complements for the lady stating that she is the one that they would write a poem for.

Others compared her with Kairo’s ex Cera Imani, ” Cera Imani typing and deleting”

They had broken up just a few weeks after making their relationship public which made people think that they were clout chasing.

Some even noted that the businessman has a type when it comes to women he dates and hangs around as they are all lightskin.

Few people are aware that Khalif Kairo is a licenced private pilot.

At a pivotal point in his entrepreneurial career, Kairo launched Jetman Global, a business that specialises in aircraft sales, leasing, and consulting services, in August 2023.

He claims that his decision to leave the automobile industry and enter the aviation field was not hasty but rather based on a boyhood love that has lasted a lifetime.

Kairo immersed himself in aviation expertise, spending hours at the Kawangware community library poring over aviation encyclopedias and strengthening his resolve to become a pilot or a lawyer.

Beyond his own goals, Kairo hopes to establish and promote an aviation culture in Kenya by lowering the cost of owning and leasing an aircraft, which will facilitate family holidays and group travel.

For Kairo, moving from the automotive to the aviation industries brought new hurdles, highlighting the significance of having a foundational understanding of one’s industry for entrepreneurs.

In 2022, his quest for knowledge earned him a private pilot’s licence from Flightstar, and he intends to get a commercial licence as well.

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